Road safety and air quality are of utmost importance for CEMEX. Our truck fleet carries construction materials from our plants, railheads and wharfs to building sites.

Tackling the safety of vulnerable road users and ensuring better air quality in towns and cities is of great value to us. We therefore support the following:

Promote active safety systems (sensors, cameras) as an assistive tool for truck drivers and as a complement to direct vision standards for trucks
Maximise the ability to use rail and water transport
Foster investment in safer infrastructure for vulnerable road users and pedestrians
Promote stakeholder involvement in the policy design
Promote efficient truck use and optimise safe weight limits

Accordingly, we continue to focus special attention on contractor management and driving safety in our varied global campaigns and initiatives. Each injury and fatality is analyzed deeply to identify root causes and required actions to prevent future incidents. By developing and deploying best practices and policies around our operations, we strive to make roads a safe place where cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, drivers, and all users can coexist peacefully without incidents. Throughout the year, every country in which we operate implemented a specific annual action plan to protect these types of vulnerable road users, involving educating our drivers; engaging with local communities and authorities; collaborating with industry experts and bodies; and raising awareness among key road users such as cyclists, children, and senior citizens, among others. Furthermore, in recent years, we have invested over US$18 million in specific safety features for our company’s trucks in an ongoing program to help improve road safety.

Our latest activities

CEMEX warmly welcomed the Commission initiatives to renew and update the General Safety Regulation and Pedestrian Safety Regulation as part of the 3rd Mobility Package.

We have developed company plans for internal driving and contractor safety, which demonstrates our continued commitment and leadership in this area.

CEMEX has recently introduced its innovative pedestrian safety initiative “Don’t chance it”